The Beauty of Jebel Shams During Cold Weather

Hi all fellow bloggers! It’s good to be back and I am excited to share with you my very recent jaunt with friends to a must-see beautiful high place in Oman , THE JEBEL SHAMS touted as the The Grand Canyon of the Arabias. And talking about Jebel in Oman  , there’s got to be plenty of them but only one stands out …This blog zeroes in on a top tourist attraction called Jebel Shams or Sun Mountain.

The steel-fenched edges of the Jebel Shams’s summit.
Edge of JebShams
Summit ridge of Jebel Shams as seen from a distance. Just simply stand around at the edge, and be soaked in the fantastic views…Jebel Shams or the Sun Mountain is the highest mountain in Oman at a height of 3005 meters. At the summit is a military radar base and observatory, both of which are closed to the public.

 A mountain or a hill would refer to Jebel in arabic.The one other famous and spectacular Jebel lying in close proximity is Jebel Akhdar meaning the Green Mountain but is overshadowed by Jebel Shams in magnificence being the highest point in Oman and the whole of Eastern Arabia both of which lie in the strategic Al Hajar Mountain range in Northeast Oman. Jebel Shams has an Elevation of 9,934′ (3,028 m). For the hikers coming from downtown Muscat and other places down,the air offers a unique experience.It is a chilly mountain air that goes down to single digits on the thermo scale or at most to as low as  two below zero.

Towering magnificently
Towering magnificently, the summit of all summits in the Arabias, Wadi Shams in its full splendor engulfed by beautiful clouds…
At the foot of Jebel Shams..the view to the top of of the Grand Canyon is captivating.
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    The author in a memorble pose before the famed mountain with better half.
    Looking down from  Jebel Shams’ summit edges into the space below us, with a spectacular drop of around 1.5 km showcases a gorge below us that had been carved out of Jebel Shams over time. A pathway can be seen below us, (used by former village dwellers long abandoned) which are of interest to visitors wanting to take a walk on it.

     TheStory of Jebel Shams

    As the author have gathered, the Jebel Shams has a long history dating back 250,000,000 years ago. The Jebel came into existence with the formation of a sea called tethys which was formed when Oman and Iraq separated.Tethys sea is  a former tropical body of salt water that separated the supercontinent of Laurasia in the north from Gondwana in the south during much of the Mesozoic era (251 to 65.5 million years ago).. In Oman sediments were deposited in relatively shallow waters, which later formed the very hard grey limestone found on the jebel.The sea was warm and rich in life, and many fossils can be found throughout the region. As tethys was crated, submarine volcanoes were formed and the magma from these has turned some of the limestone to marble. When the tethys sea began to disappear about 90,000,000 years ago, the ocean floor was pushed over the land, forming the mountain. After the formation of the mountain, water erosion has shaped the “Grand Canyon” with a vertical drop of 2,100 meters from the summit to the base.

    Al Nakhur Summit.The Grand Canyon is a must-see for any local or international tourist.
    Wadi Nakhur is home to about a dozen small villages.

    Today the jebel is home to at least a dozen small villages, where the main occupations are animal husbandry, farming, and rug weaving.

    Jebel Shams also has some of the oldest Juniper trees in the world.

    Jebel Shams also has some of the oldest Juniper trees or al’alaan in the world, some specimens are hundreds of years old and with trunks 2 – 3 meters wide. Another common tree on the mountain is the thorn of Christ tree or sidr, the fruit “nubuq” are eaten by the locals, and taste similar to apples.

    This scenic area, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Arabia, once supported dozens of remote mountain settlements.

    This scenic area, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Arabia, once supported dozens of remote mountain settlements. In the early 2000s however, the Oman Government moved all the inhabitants to less remote sites with easier access to modern services, leaving the villages to ghosts and foreign trampers.

    The rim of Al Nakhur summit – strange-looking black thing is sitting atop a boulder.

    The rim of Al Nakhur summit – strange-looking black thing  is sitting atop a boulder. Very surreal-looking. It raises the question whether it is a head of something ,like the head of an animal, a sheep perhaps. We can see eyes, and some facial features. And that’s the beauty of Arabia’s Grand Canyon.

    A narrow and imposing opening to the grand canyon is a rather suitable beginning to what becomes a rough graded track

    The drive into the heart of the beast! A narrow and imposing opening to the grand canyon is a rather suitable beginning to what becomes a rough graded track. After passing thru the village of Al Hajir, the walls of the canyon close in and soar above you…




    The way to the top!

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Holiday Cheers!

The Philippine Jeepney
The Philippine Jeepney. I chose the Jeepney in the Philippines as my featured image for my Season’s greetings. Here as shown is this multi-decade old passenger vehicle still lording all over the streets of the Philippines intricately, artistically and elaborately painted to depict the Christmas spirit celebrated on every December month.

A Jeepney in the Philippines is elaborately painted to depict the Christmas spirit celebrated on every December month.

As a contributor to the world of wordpress blogging, I’d like to embrace this opportunity to greet all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Continue reading Holiday Cheers!

828 Meters High


Happy reading and just hang on! Coming up will be my latest post about my very recent holiday adventure in and around Dubai.It holds 7 Guiness Book of World Records todate! Tallest building; Highest number of storeys; Highest occupied floor ;Tallest service elevator;Highest outdoor observation deck; Elevator with the longest travel distance ;Tallest free-standing structure.What an awsome feat by the builders.

Weight-bearing Exercise…

Run with weights!!!

A Physical Fitness Test.  A sack race takes place in a Farmer’s Day event in Tabuk Philippines. An  indigenous game that involves racing while carrying 50 kilos of rice. It could be that building bone mass at high-impact activities  such as this can help make bones stronger and stave off the effects of osteoporosis.

Greenfields of Prosperity

Dampa Davao.solo

Welcome to Davao! Life here would be alluring to any visitor.[Note: All the pics provided exclusively belong to the author.I came to Davao not just to see the place but on official business trip straight from the sun-baked deserts of Oman where I am based. Thus, I chanced upon this opportunity to explore this majestic region that I last visited about 3 decades ago or so. Davao City is among the largest cities in the world with a sprawling land area of 244,000 hectares.  It is the premier city and hub of the south side of the Philippines known for its bustling economic activities, diverse population, urban build-up and modern amenities.  It is considered as the most important economy in the island and the third most important urban center in the Philippines.  The city is known to many as a destination offering a unique combination of various eco adventures in the midst of a modern, urban landscape characterized by a flourishing business and tourism environment.

Financial Ctr.
Pryce Tower in Bajadia, Davao City

Davao is also seen and considered as a retirement haven for people seeking a slower pace of life, due to its relaxed atmosphere, low cost of living, and numerous recreational options.I have learned that  the city has a very low crime rate in the country.Even with a population of over 1.3 million and an urban density estimated  at 2,400  persons per square kilometer, Davao City’s crime rate still remains among the lowest in the country.  This has earned  for Davao City the distinction  as the Most Peaceful City in the East and Southeast Asia for a number  of years already.

Davao's San Pedro Square
The night stroll would make anyone virtually safe from harm due to the City’s strict implementation of peace and order.

Davao City is said to be one favorite place of a growing global community of expats of various nationalities  aside from other tribes from within the country.


As one of my primary targets, the fruit export business in Davao City sit well with our planned business activity to market cavendish banana in the Middle East in partnership with my Omani sponsor. The abundance of fruits in Davao is truly a wonder to any would be visitor and businessman as there are a lot of suppliers and growers and lots of fruit stalls as well. The Bankerohan Fruit Market is crowded with buyers on a daily basis.So, if you happen to go to Davao, there are so many fruits to choose from –  you’ll enjoy the freshest and highest quality agricultural produce. It is up for grabs both for the locals and for domestic and foreign markets. It exports large volumes of banana, pineapple, orchids, and tuna.Its pomelo, durian, and mangosteen are sought-after by many, yet these remain affordable and accessible to the locals on a daily basis.Davao is the biggest supplier of Banana in the Middle East Market based on the latest stats.

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Mt. Apo
Mt. Apo was one of the places I enjoyed seeing from a far distance at Digos City Davao Del Sur and Bansalan…

Davao City is blessed with abundant fresh drinking water from both ground and surface sources. Mount Apo serves as there charge  point and the areas at the foot of the mountain contain  large reservoirs, the biggest of which is the Calinan, Toril and Talomo Triangle.


Live a wholesome and healthy lifestyle in Davao City! The city pioneered the regulation of smoking in public places in the Philippines that  gave birth to the National Anti-Smoking Law. Davao City has been a recipient of the prestigious Red Orchid Award of the Department of Health in 2010 and 2011 during the World No Tobacco Day. It has tough policies against dangerous drugs, violence against women and children (including prostitution and human trafficking), and environmental pollution. It has addressed the concern over aerial spraying in large plantations and banned the use of firecrackers and similar pyrotechnics. It leads in the conservation of endangered species such as the country’s national bird, the Philippine Eagle, as well as the protection of the city’s watershed, coastal areas, rivers and gulf. Davao City boasts of having one of the most progressive and comprehensive reproductive health program in the world.

The streets are covered with streamers on the month I was in Davao to celebrate the Kadayawan Festival…

Davao City is the only Asian city that has an integrated emergency response system similar to that of the United States and Canada, the difference being that in Davao City , the service is absolutely for free and totally subsidized by the local government. Central 911 responds to all kinds of emergencies : medical, fire, police assistance, natural or man-made disaster. The Davao City Disaster Coordinating Council has been cited as the best prepared disaster coordinating council in the country.A favorite destination for study tours, Davao City is regarded as a model for other cities in the country.

We are right at the mountain peak stopover bordering Gensan and Davao..

 A major Destination in the East Asian Region.

Davao City has been  cited in Asia for its high livability index, where residents can easily switch between fast-paced business transactions and soothing relaxation  options. It is considered a major tourist destination in the East Asian region with an increasing  number  of international visitors since the 1990s.

The designation of the Tagurano-Catigan-Eden Tourism Development Zone as the Mountain Resort and Agro-Tourism Capital of Southern Mindanao illustrates determined efforts leading to the desirable transformation  of the city as the Summer Capital of the Philippine  South. Additionally,  the presence of world-class  beach  resorts both in the city and on nearby Samal Island (30 minutes away by boat ride) has allowed  Davao to offer a complete tourism package for all visitors.

Davao City is the hub of commerce and industry in the Southern Mindanao region.

Author enjoys a ride in a Padjak to move around town.

Harvests are bountiful in Davao City. The cultivation  and propagation of natural resources dominate the economic landscape of the region as the city is surrounded by many different plantations and stock farms supplying both local andexport markets. With the richness of agribusiness  opportunities in and aroundthe city, it’s no wonder  that Davao City is considered the Food Basket of the Philippines.

Dampa Davao
Author poses with the proud owner of Dampa Davao, a resto in downtown Davao so unique and classy…

Davao City is Business-Friendly.

Surveys and evaluations on the best places for business have always cited Davao as among the best performers. These include distinctions as being the Top 10 Asian Cities of the Future by the FDI magazine of The Financial Times, the Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines with the Best Quality of Life by the Asian Institute of Management and a long list of numerous recognitions and distinctions as the city has received in the recent years. All these are proof of the continuous and decisive strides in making Davao City a home for many productive ventures and endeavors. Continue reading Greenfields of Prosperity

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