How do we radiate the character of God?

How do we radiate the character of God?

In day  to day living- Radiate is meant to project cheerfulness, joy or goodwill.In the business world, companies require employees with pleasing personality and w/ good moral character because they project the company’s image to the outside world.They train them to be nice to customers,accommodating and smiling.If they are arrogant or turn out discourteous, that would reflect in  the company’s image.In spiritual realm,Christians are called upon to project the image of God’s character to the outside world.The term that best suits this role is radiating the beauty of God’s character very much like a diamond that sparkles or a gold that glitters.

How do we radiate tha character of God?

We can radiate the character of God only by being Godly.How can we be Godly?We can be Godly if we have the fruit of the spirit working in our lives mentioned in Gal 5:22-23.

It is written in Mt 7:20: “So then you will know the false prophets by what they do”.The true believer will be known by his examples of not conforming to the world.He should turn away from the world and start following Jesus Christ.Thru all this, there will be times that we are being tested or temptations creeping in and we are trapped by our own evil desires.(James 1:14) Instead of the Holy Spirit manifesting in our lives, we are lost to our sinful nature.If we fall to sin, we have the best escape route ever designed by God to being free…free from sin.Just take the easy step thru confession and God our merciful Father is able to cleanse us from all sins.

It is written in Acts 1:8

“You will receive power when the HS comes upon you and you will be witnesses”…

You will have the power to go through all obstacles.The devil will always block your path towards God.We need this power!Look at the Bulb. It gives a steady light because of the dynamo that empowers it.On the other hand there are gas lamps that are bright at first then dim then bright again then dimmer.What does this mean?Some believers are like bright lights to the world for a time. Then they get dim and dimmer and the Lord does not want that.The Lord wants us to be bright with dynamo power!We can always be bright when we receive power from on high.We cannot be bright on our own power.We need dynamo power from on high only thru the HOLY SPIRIT THAT COMES FROM GOD.[Message on Sept 2001.JILGM-Jeddah by MBAEstera]


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