Cooling OFF!


Bamboo Shed by the River

Philippines at this time of the year, the summer months can best be described as hot.I refer primarily to the searing heat of the sun that this archipelago of more than 7000 islands is experiencing now.The country has a unique tropical climate that attracts a continues flow of foreign and local tourists.It is now real, real Hot. Hot on the trail of many beautiful and attractive sights are island resorts  and cool mountain springs  that have sprung up in places never before explored and discovered .Hot is the word to describe the island’s airports and bus stations filled with travel freaks  going from north to south and east to west and vice-versa. Hot is how the roadways are jotted with jeeps, cars ,buses, SUVs plying the roads that lead to places of respite and to cool off. Hot is the word to describe  how  the local populace have begun to rediscover the beauty of the country .This beautiful  bamboo shed pictured above by the river in the Ilocos,North Luzon is one among  many unique and ideal places to experience , relax ,eat and to be in peace and quiet with mother nature.


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