Fish Adds Life…

The title of this blog says it all..Yeah, Fish adds life.It really is if the numerous research studies holds true. We often wonder how much benefit we derive out of this cold-blooded mammals in terms of food value they can provide to fish-loving people. In one weekend that we have had the opportunity to take advantage of to go on holiday fishing, I was able to take some shots of the enjoyable time we spent hobnobbing with the local populace in a most frequented fishing village in this part of Oman.

The First catch of fish using plastic fishing reel
At the Kabourah Fishery Harbor in Oman: A much deserved relaxation with my family away from the city.

Fishing at the Fishery Harbor (pictured in daytime) in Kaboura
Mackerel Fish
Salmon Fish

What is Omega 3 ? Simply it is that fatty acid that is derived from fish.It is encouraging to note that though its oily, which is harmful in unsaturated fats in animals, the good thing in fish is that, it is good news to eaters because it is a “good” fatty acid. Having come across one leading daily in Oman, The Times of Oman condensed from the Daily Express, it was noted that a new study has revealed that consuming sardines, salmon or mackerel can lower the risk of an early death by more than a quarter because they are loaded with omega-3. It was further

The Sail Fish
The Sail Fish or  Blue Marlin

indicated that having high amounts of omega-3 in the blood can slash the chances of a reduced lifespan by more than a third.Scientists have found that people with the largest amounts of the good fatty acids in their blood live on average 2.2 years longer that those with lower levels.Lead researcher Dr. Darfush Mozaffarian from the Harvard School of Public Health said “The findings suggest that the biggest bang-for-your buck is going from no intake to modest intake, or about two servings of fatty fish per week.” Scientists believe that the acids work to improve heart’s electrical activity and blood pressure.The body does not produce its own essential fatty acids and they must be obtained from the diet.Previous studies have found that fish rich in protein and fatty acids reduces the risk of death from heart disease.


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      1. Namaste is the Hindi word ciao in Italian. It can mean hello or goodbye. Indians put their hands together at their forehead , say Nameste while bowing slightly. I loved the appearance of humility even if not always sincere! Now you know! Thanks for asking. 😎


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