Banana of all Bananas

Every once in a while, life offers something new, unique, extraordinary with a flare of rarity that few could ever come to grasp or comprehend and with the change of, or advancement in applied science and technology thru  research, many in today’s presently changing world of new ideas, inventions, medical and technological innovations  as  for instance births of new human offsprings can bringst forth not just a single baby born but could end up 8, 9 , 12 or so babies  with the use of fertility drugs. Same is true in plants and many agriculturists  are going as far as producing hybrid types and trying genetical modifications to produce the desired output. Also rice have experienced revolutionary ways to produce yields in much different more advanced methods to produce higher yields than what used to be just normal. Scientists have to reinvent the rice plant again in order to keep up with the still rapidly growing  population. The newest techniques in biotechnology and genetic engineering employed by  scientists involves the transfer of the genes from one rice plant directly into the cells of another, reducing breeding time and allow for the transfer of specific traits. Instead of crossbreeding plants by hand in the field, scientists are now able to make finite genetic changes to plant embryos in test tubes, virtually ensuring the success of the transfer. This blog talks about one such ordinary variety of banana that was grown without the aid of genetically infused growth and many agriculturists are perplexed at how this banana tree bore fruit more than what is usually produced per bundle. In a remote village in the north of the Philippines in the City of San Fernando, which happens to be the ancestral place of my grandparents, a banana tree was found to have bore a 9-ft. bundle of fruit. Which gives us the intriguing imagination of the huge economic windfall to be derived should the genes of the banana fruit be extracted and re-grown  en-mass and re-planted. This banana just sprang out naturally and it was a case of genetic accident which is rare and should thus be preserved and multiplied to benefit more people globally.

Banana high breed.True or false

9-Foot long bundle of banana discovered in Brgy Catbagen,Sn Fernanco La Union.
A record crop yield on just 1 banana stalk.It produced a 9-ft long bundle grown without the aid of genetically infused growth.It was discovered recently in a remote village in the Northern Province of La Union in the Philippines.

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