A Way of Saying Thanks :)

1-Thank You


In a number of ways, there is so much we can do to thank people  for taking the time or initiative in appreciating  our efforts that has made us a part of them and vice versa —-a growing community of people in different tongues, color and culture  and  binded by one common theme of getting to know each other in unity and love thru the art of blogging. The blog that I created for all  my followers, likers, commenters, and the general reading public  continues to attract more and more visitors each day.Am not competing with anyone as I feel it best that the more there are bloggers the healthier it is. It  is indeed a joy to hold on knowing that my day to day visitors from at least 80 countries as of today globally has reached this far. My sincere thanks goes all out to you!…..Cliffhangercorner  is growing bits by bits.I may not be in the upper echelon of writers but it is quite interesting and encouraging to note that Cliffhangercorner in just over a year is close to 7000 viewers globally and reached, much to my deep appreciation, 310 wordpress followers to date as well as 2,137 twitter and FB followers. You are the reason why I have kept going even though I missed a couple of months of writing for the simple fact that I have others things to attend to  like never failing to report for  my job to sustain my family. I am lost for words to thank you for following my blog just as I regrettably can’t be facing each one of you eye to eye or even do a friendly hug to  deliver my personal thanks for staying on board Cliffhangercorner.  Rest assured  I will not stop making friendship or  following, finding, liking you too or commenting and dropping a few missive  wherever you are located in the world of blogging . All I can say is…Let no time pass by not scribbling if you are a blogger…proceed full step ahead and make a bold imprint on what you wanna say if your blog is worth entertaining……Cheers All…Happy reading 🙂


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