A walk in the woods…

How would life be without trees? The truth of the matter is that, we could not exist as we do if there were no trees. A mature,robust and leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. As people move to different places in any part of this world where trees abound, not many realize that the forest serves as a giant filter that cleans the air that we breath. I took an interest in documenting a spot I chanced upon as I explored the high hills and forested areas of (scallop-rich)Sorsogon, Philippines on my vacation. This is a century(plus) old acacia tree in Bucalbucalan  that I learned about from the locals.

Phil Tour.Bicol Region.Province of Sorsogon.Heritage Tree
Its more than 360 cm trunk takes 6 regularly built men to encompass its girth.
The people within the vicinity narrated how they are benefitting from its primary role of protecting them from typhoons that batter the Bicol region.
Acacia Tree.Sorsogon Province,Bicol Region
On dark moonless nights or during bad weather, fishermen coming out of the sea would look up to the acacia tree as a familiar beacon that would safely bring them home toward the shore.


A generation plants a tree, another gets the shade- Chinese Proverb

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One thought on “A walk in the woods…”

  1. Old trees are incredibly inspiring. Near where I used to live in New Hampshire, there was a grove of trees that were seedlings 200 years ago. I used to go there, just to be in the presence of life that had been there for so long.


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