Impressive Bangkok

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After a short  period of inactivity from blogging, to which I should owe my followers an apology ….I am happy to be back to publish my  latest unexpected tour at  a surprisingly  top tourist destination not from Europe but from Asia. Bangkok at first seemed to be just another ordinary tourist destination to me until I booked a 3-day  hotel accomodation with family and friends. Next thing was…I was completely impressed and …t’was all activity!


World-class shopping at the best prices where you can find almost anything at MBK or Siam Paragon, Bangkok has plenty of attractions that you can hardly have enough time to visit from the Grand Palace to floating markets and dirty old Khao San Road.



Bangkok’s well-deserved reputation for 24-hour street food is very evident with every street corner that your feet will take you. Barbecued duck , tongues and soup made from bird saliva are some of the intricate offers. It is really fun to spend at incredibly low priced wide variety of  street foods.


Don’t miss the chance to spend a day at Chatuchak Weekend Market. It’s a 35-acre maze of aisles and alleys that offers solid wood furniture, pets from around the globe, original art, old comic books, antiques, plants and clothes from every decade since the Great Depression.

Take a jaunt at Bangkok’s version of Central Park — Lumpini Park -that  has reptiles large enough to give you a fright but relax… The Varanus salvator (water monitor), which can grow up to nine feet in length, usually just ambles along the mud and grass around the water, but sometimes scrambles across a pathway to another pond.

Strategically located Bangkok’s rising  popularity is attributed to its ideal location which details its role as a hub to major cities. Bangkok’s top five ‘feeder cities’ – where the most international visitors come from – are Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul.


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