Animals do help grow trees.

Seed Dispersal by Animals elsewhere in the  world.


In the North African desert, elephants scour the area for fruits that have fallen from the trees and deposit the seeds in their droppings several miles away. In South American jungles, monkeys eat figs and other fruit, carrying some away in their stomachs and dropping others onto the ground and in South Africa, even ants carry seeds into their nests, eat the tasty outer covering and leave the seeds to grow safely underground.

 Even humans carry seeds far away for plants – by taking an apple on a picnic, for example, and throwing the core, with its seeds, into the bushes.

Examples of seeds spread by this method include:

Dessert for Camels.Dates are part of their meals in one of the farms in Oman.
A camel enjoys a nice dessert of dates and later on discharges the seed  from her digestive tract elsewhere in the vast desert.Photo taken by author at a farm in the Batinah region of Oman.

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