“Leave a Message”

The Philippines will finally get the chance to see a personal glimpse of the King. Yes, that’s King Lebron James of the present day Miami Heat, conquerors of the 2013 NBA Championship.The NBA superstar will be attending an event organized by Nike Philippines. The event is part of Nike’s “Leave a Message” campaign which aims to inspire  Filipino hopefuls to strive for greatness just like the two-time NBA champion.Lebron James Philippines

Lebron james Event
Filipinos who loves the game of basketball being their No. 1 sport braves the rain and long queues to get a ticket to the Lebron James 1-day affair and first-ever visit by the latter in Manila on July 23,2013.
The No. 6 jersey can’t be missed wherever, whenever….King James is a hit in Manila.

5 thoughts on ““Leave a Message””

  1. A warm hello to you and thank you for the follow. I am so pleased to have seen your page and read your love for meeting people.
    I look forward to learning more about you and your travels and your beautiful country.
    Thank you.


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