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Plastic Bottles: Making the most out of them.

When it comes to food , I have come to value the importance of eating fresh vegetables for the essential nutrients that I and other eaters benefit from and as a good source of fiber. Pechay  in the Philippines is used popularly to make soups and stews while the Chinese cuisine makes wide use of this vegetable variety much like the Koreans use them to make the ever popular kimchi.Going deeper, its scientific name is Brassica Rapa and petchay is also referred to as chinese cabbage. With prices of food items reaching record-highs in the Philippines, residents in  some areas in Manila plant vegetables in their backyards to save on food expenses. As they say, no space is too small for planting. That is why seminars are sponsored by state-funded government agencies on urban farming to residents of poor communities, to  let people know that any crop — pechay,broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, celery, or whatever — can grow in any weather condition in an area that is not necessarily big! Trainings primarily designed and intended for urban spaces – that means, even if there’s water running through, or even if it’s a cemented area, you can plant.

Once you get around in some places in the Philippines, it will not be a surprise if you chance upon a model community farm or a residential house that grows a variety of vegetables one of them, pechay that is featured in my blog using space-friendly techniques such as recyclable plastice bottles.

Brassica Rapa [Pechay]

Banana trunks have been proven to be good alternative for backyard planting  such as this one.petsay3