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A place to relax.It’s more than what we wished for.

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Escape becomes the order of the day: Resorts provide all the relaxation you need.

The hustle and bustle correlated to city living is one that you expect when moving from your quiet hometown.The stimulation of crowds and horrible traffic generate energy that challenges the human spirit.  It is a generally accepted notion that  the city dweller reflects the image of a moody, stressed and unfriendly person.   And you are no longer the countryman that  is  depicted   as calm, relaxed and friendly because you have moved to a city where you may have been lured by a lucrative job offer from a leading company.Take the time off! Experience something relaxing.That’s what we did by going into a spa resort in a town in Oman called Barka.A good 30-min ride from Muscat will take you to this forest look resort with a string of cottages lining up the edges of this countryside spa resort within a country that has a typical hot arabian desert temperature.The package of course included a massage to all guests from a well trained staff that gave us a truly soothing and  relaxing experience.While I am not saying that citylife is not good.It’s the opposite of course because modern society living is what city life is. Activities galore in the city but city life is more challenging and it carries a heavy price.Worst of all, the most expensive component of life in the city is the toll it takes on your body through stress. Stress is present with every waking moment in the city.  The multitudes of people, unstoppable traffic, rigid work schedules never let up. The air is filthy.  The carbon monoxide emitted by thousands of vehicles overwhelm what little green life remains to clean the air.  Brain and body are continuously bombarded by environmental pollutant that diminish the human spirit.  Opportunities to relax are few and short. Stress builds up. Quality of life declines.The city dweller looks forward to a day out of the city.   Escape becomes the order of the day. Each move to the outer boundaries of the urban environment makes life a little more peaceful.  The  move (vacation leave or permanent) to the country is the greatest move of all.Peaceful is the most succinct description of the country. The night is refreshingly quiet. Soft insect noises and the plaintive call of an owl or frog rule the stillness.Leaves are strewn all over the places. No heavy traffic, no sirens, no rush of the “madding crowd.” Life is simple and calming. The country offers advantages to the harried city dweller that can reduce stress, induce health, and reharges your body.

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Inside the Al Nahda Resort and Spa.The driveway network  for golf cart users, promenaders, joggers and bikers.Beautiful trees  abound—–Very homey atmosphere.Birds are chirping nearby and the smell is naturely fresh. Continue reading A place to relax.It’s more than what we wished for.


”We dug ourselves a hu…

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics

” We dug ourselves a huge hole that we couldn’t climb out of.”

Paul Pierce on their latest loss to the New York Knicks


Brandon Roy, a 28-year-old who is facing quite possibly the end of his playing career if things don’t take a dramatic turn, weighs his options about his future.His knee problem is still in question but remains hopeful for a full recovery.

“The league doesn’t wait for you…They don’t stop the games and give you reprieve. You’ve just got to keep playing.”–Coach Rick Adelman,Minnesota Twolves


“In a perfect world, I would like to see where we didn’t have to get pushed that far, but our guys did not want to lose that game. You saw a competitive spirit that our team is known for.”- Eric Spoelstra,Coach of the Miami Heat


“I don’t think it would be out of the realm of possibility that [one day] we’ll see a female LeBron,” Battier said. “You could be the most skilled player in the world that the women’s game has ever seen, but that won’t cut it in the NBA. She’d have to be a physical specimen.”–Shane Battier of the Miami Heat